Ze Console Wars (Japanese: ゼーコンソールウォーズ Pronounciation: Zēkonsōruu~ōzu) is a Japanese Manga/Anime that’s been going on for almost a year by Video Game Fanon Club Videogameface. The Anime re-imagines various video game consoles, operating systems, computers, browsers, websites and more as anthropomorphized high school students who fight in wars in a different universe than this one in a place that looks like Japan. The Anime and Manga has inspired a visual novel by Jackii Suzuki with illustrations by (Name), which was like the anime and manga, where you could find out more about the manga and anime’s past. The Manga and Anime so far has 8 seasons, and season 1 of the Anime first aired in Japan in December 2019 and January 2020. A crossover Anime, Manga, Light Novel AND Visual Novel with Anonymous Team’s Memories of you Franchise, Ze Console Wars VS Memories of You, was released for the (Console) in Japan in December 2023, and in North America and Russia in October 2024.

Premise Edit

The anime focuses on various anthropomorphised Video Game Consoles, in a group known as "Ze Console Army", each with their own unique personalities. The anime series follows Xbox 360, who must achieve world peace in the virtual world where the consoles live, by helping everyone who is suffering from some kind of problem.

Main Characters Edit

Xavier (ザビエル Xabieru)
Xbox 360 (さこらさ Ekkusubokkusu 360)
Femmi Switch (フェムミ スイッチ Femumi Suichi)
Fiona Switch (フィオナスイッチ Fiona Suitchi)
Sora Switch (空スイッチ Sora Suitchi)
Yume Cast (夢 キャスト Yume Kyasuto)
Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト Dorīmukyasuto)
Midori/Green Cast (グリーンキャスト Midori Gurinkyasuto)
Yao Ai Hent (八尾愛丁 Yao Ai Hent)
Riku X, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pro (凉空 Riku)
Project Scorpio (プロジェクトスコーピオ Purojekutosukōpio)
Nokia Sakurai (ノキア櫻井 Nokia Sakurai, and sometimes Nogami Kurai)
Seven Madobe (セブン窓で Sebun Madobe)
Seven Vienna Madobe (ナナミ・マドベ Nanami Madobe)
Niju Madobe (二十 MADOBE)
Ju (十)
Sachi Google (メガCD Sachi Guguru)
Inori Aizawa (相澤勇 Inori Aizawa)
Edgy Aizawa (ぎこちない相沢 Gikochinai Aizawa)
Kasai Kitsune (火災狐 Kasai Kitsune)
Mackenzie Appleseed (マッケンジー林檎 Makkenjī Ringo)
Mac Appleseed (マック 林檎 Makku Ringo)
IPad Appleseed (私パッド林檎 WatashiPaddo Ringo)
Iris Appleseed (虹彩林檎 Kosai Ringo)
Xbox 1 X (さこらさ 1 X)